Cube Storage 1×6 LS16-361212


These cubicle storage cabinets are perfect for employee lunch storage or personal items. The Cube Storage 1×6 is two cubbies wide by six high. Each space is 36″w x 12″h x 12″d. The exterior sides are finished. Add some design interest by having a different color edge banding and exterior color. The LS16-361212 Cube Storage cabinet ships palatalized and fully assembled.

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Product Description

Heavy Duty Lunch Storage Cubicles

The LS16-361212 cube storage parts are made on our computer controlled router to ensure perfect fit and finish. All parts interlock for superior alignment and strength. Core materials include high quality melamine, PVC edge banding, and Wilsonart High Pressure Laminate.

3/4" Thick Melamine:
All upper cubicle parts are made of 3/4" thick melamine. Because melamine is inherently flat, each cube will remain straight and square over the long term. 
Computer Aided Design:
l Each fixture is completely computer designed. Interlocking parts are CNC cut with tight tolerances so parts fit together tightly and in the proper position. This interlocking construction method means that each full-width shelf is supported by each full-height side and vertical dividers.
Superior Fasteners:
All parts are screwed together with high quality wood screws.
No nails or brads used for support construction
1" Thick Full Bottom:
We double the bottom with a 1" thick melamine full size bottom. This element provides full and complete support for the cubicle structure. Have confidence heavy objects will be supported sufficiently without the risk of collapse.
Stainless Steel Legs:
The leg hardware is heavy duty! Each leg is mounted to the 1" thick bottom with four lag screws providing extreme holding power. Mop around the legs without fear of getting any part of the cube storage wood construction parts wet. Each leg has 1¼" adjustment ability.  
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Black Pine, River Elm, Stone Wood, White Elm

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