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Royal Vendors Freezer – Single Door


Freezer, Single Door, Royal Vision Freezer with Health Timer

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Product Description


  • High density, foamed-in-place, one-piece cabinet provides
      maximum degree of structural integrity.
  • Super-strong door hinges and door frame resist damage.
  • Lower grill constructed of steel—not plastic.
  • Cabinet designed to withstand rough daily usage.
  • No exposed wiring on door frame.

Meets Industry Requirements:

  • Meets Industry Requirements
  • NSF listed, UL listed and ENERGY STAR® Tier 3 compliant.
  • 1 HP compressor,120 volt,15 amp operation
  • Baskets, dividers, and extra shelves are available as accessories.
  • Low-E triple pane glass door and frost-free operation.
  • LED lighting is standard.

Easy to Maintain - Front-Serviceable Components:

  • Front-access refrigeration components allow for ease of repair or replacement, if needed.
  • Complete refrigeration deck with evaporator and condenser can be removed or installed in the field without cutting lines or wires in less than 30 minutes.
  • Refrigeration compartment grill is easy to remove and replace, making access quick and simple.
  • Deck design has been proven in over 1,000,000 Royal cabinets built over 20+ years.

Extra Features:

  • Lower shelf is raised—no need to stoop to stock or remove items.
  • Visible, no-tamper, temperature display in front of cabinet—easy to monitor.
  • Fast recovery refrigeration system features unique duct design to maintain temperature under severe usage.
  • Robust refrigeration condenser stands up to repeated cleanings.
  • Two-piece power cord for easy replacement.

Product Cutsheet: Royal Vendors RVZFH-027