Open Air Cooler – Health Lock

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Product Description

Health Lock System Features and Benefits

Battery Back-Up System-the screen will still lower when the temperature within the case rises due to a power failure.

Key Switch-the Health Lock can be reset by a trained technician to raise the shade to the open position

Clock Feature- a clock feature is integrated into the control board which allows the operator to set a customized range of time (start/end time) allowing the shade to automatically lower for energy savings during off hours.

On-Board Indicator-Indicates if there was a power outage or compressor failure.

Standard Led Lights- provide the best illumination of your products for maximum sales.

Alert Options- Alert options coming soon.

Install Options- Available as an after-market kit or production unit.

Handheld Programmer (optional) - Allows the operator to program an Energy Saving Mode which turns off the lights and lowers the curtain during non operational hours, reducing energy usage by 48%. Programmer will also allow the operator to see cause and duration of a "closed curtain" situation.

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