Design Development

Great solutions follow great design… We have almost 40 years experience developing food preparation areas, food service lines, and dining rooms for food service operators. Our design team develops working solutions from initial concepts. By utilizing Computer Aided Design (CAD) our design team addresses each food service area. Food Service Operators can rest assured that the design will be efficient, effective, will meet food safety requirements and be compliant with ADA guidelines.

To aid operators in the sales of new contracts and contract extensions we provide floor plans, 3D renderings, and material boards as motivating sales tools. The detailed design presentation art will communicate every aspect of the project. As a specifying dealer we analyze traffic flow, Micro-Market equipment, and furniture solutions. Often times we work in parallel with in-house design teams as well, recommending equipment and layout adjustments that will produce the best operation of each Micro-Market site.

Project Consultation

We have learned what works… Our proven Micro-Market design experience is a precious value added service. When you ask for Axis Designs to help with your Nano Market project, you are asking for experienced designers to oversee every aspect of the project. Food service equipment and fabrication is in our name, and we know what we are talking about. Of course if your in house design teams have developed a complete plan, we will look through and confirm what works and make suggestions concerning known issues we see before fabrication. We spend a lot of time reviewing the plans to make sure we are providing a solution that works great in reality. It may look good on paper but if it doesn’t work in reality, well… then what.

Food Service Fabrication

We pay close attention to all fixtures, furniture and equipment components of the project. High quality fabrication is essential in making great designs functional. Through advanced fabrication techniques and machinery we provide the highest quality food service environments. Our original CAD designs often translate directly to our CNC manufacturing platform, providing quality, consistency, and advanced design elements. Your client’s satisfaction with the quality of their new Micro-Market will help you retain their business for many years to come.

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