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The Market Portfolio illustrates the versatility of the Micro Market. Our vending operators have grabbed onto the Micro Market trend and here are a few of the markets we have produced. Food service operators can take advantage of this picture gallery of Micro Markets to glean ideas that are proven in concept and functionality. Our free standing micro market cabinets and fixtures come fully assembled allowing for quick set up and opening of your food service operation. Our in-line fixtures provide a built in look and have been fully assembled at our facility to ensure fit and finish. Easy and intuitive instructions are available with every in-line micro market from Axis Designs, Micro-Market Fixtures

Micro Market Portfolio Product Links:

Inline Undercounter Merchandiser Built In style cabinet IUMB

Browse In-Line fixtures featuring 96" tall cabinet sidewalls, custom art panel headers, refrigerator enclosures, and LED lighting accenting products and merchandise.

micro market portfolio free standing fixtures link

Select our Free Standing fixture line featuring 78" and 80" tall fixtures that are ready to set in place, fill with product and open the operation.

Micro Market Portfolio of Refrigeration Equipment Visual Link

Purchase refrigeration equipment directly from Axis Designs Micro-Market Fixtures catalog. Call us with other equipment needs. We are able to provide all types of food service equipment.


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