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Built-in style In-Line Merchandiser with 16" artwork panel header, LED light and full slatwall merchandising space for dry goods
Micro-Market In-Line Built In Cabinet Fixtures In-Line Series ImageCustom In-Line Micro Market Artwork Headers detail for customized branding

IM – In-Line Merchandiser – Slatwall (96″ Tall)


Sales Description:

A 96″ tall Micro Market Merchandiser for a permanent “Built-In” look.

(2) 96″ x 18″ x 3″ or 4″ Support Wall
(1) 16″ Color Matching Laminated Header with Horizontal Grain
(1) Full Height Slatwall with Plywood Frame
(1) 12″ Base Storage Box with Removable Top
(1) LED Product Display Light
(4) Adjustable Leveling Feet
(1) Hardware Package  (See Item for Details)

Width Options:36, 42, 48 (Add 1½” for exterior dimensions)

PKG A96-48
PKG B96-48
PKG C96-48
PKG A96-3642
PKG B96-3642
PKG C96-3642
Offset Acrylic Art Panel
Lighted Etched Acrylic Art Panel



Product Description

In-Line Micro Market Merchandiser 

The IM 96" tall Micro Market Merchandiser comes standard with a 16" header. Customize your header with an acrylic sign to help bring your Micro-Market to life. The full height slatwall provides a large amount of space for displaying products while it's plywood frame ensures sturdy core construction. Slats are finished in the color chosen for the fixture. The 12" storage box with removable top is an excellent feature for storing necessary tools of operation. An LED display light is a defining feature of the IFS, V-IFS, and IL series. The LED light provides sufficient light to accentuate products. Product hooks and wire baskets for merchandising are included in the base price. Hardware Package B is a mixture of hooks, baskets, and shelves. Package C has hooks and all shelves. The IM, In-Line Merchandiser, a 96" tall fixture, comes equipped with a full-height slatwall back panel system that features hooks and baskets to present for-sale products to clients.

The IM fixture ships in separate parts. Installation assembly required.

Micro market Merchandiser dimensions with merchandising display details

Merchandiser dimensions for the In Line Merchandiser

High Quality Micro Market Merchandiser Construction

The IL-Series fixtures are our built-in style fixtures constructed of professional grade engineered particleboard and high pressure laminate (HPL). The 3" or 4" straight side walls have laminated exposed surfaces and 1/4" HDPE plastic bottoms which keep the walls from absorbing water or condensation standing on the floor. Other exposed edges have sturdy 1mm PVC banding . The front of the slatwall is laminated with HPL ensuring durability as baskets are moved, product is loaded and customers use the fixture over time. The slatwall is made from Anchor Core, an extra-sturdy, extra dense material and therefore withstands almost twice the weight as normal MDF slatwall. All horizontal work surfaces are laminated with HPL easily handling daily use for coffee service equipment or self-pay kiosk service. All surfaces and edges are sealed and are easy to clean. The IL-Series fixtures ship broken down and are ready to be assembled! Ask about our installation services if you would like a turn-key solution. Or have your team follow the simple instructions for setup and your Micro-Market will be up and running in no time!





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Tier 1 - In Stock Colors

Faster production for faster delivery!

Tier 2 - Colors 

Please note that all Tier 2 laminate colors will cost an additional $250 per fixture.

Tier 3 - Colors 

For every other color imaginable we invite you to call our office for a request to quote!

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Built-in style Merchandiser with counter top

Built-in style Merchandiser with counter top and under counter merchandising.

The Inline Coffee Merchandiser displayed using Wild Cherry 7054-60 Wilsonart color with the Hardware Package B and Artwork Display

Inline Coffee Merchandiser in Wild Cherry 7054-60. This image features a custom artwork package that rests on steel standoff pegs.

In Line series merchandiser with counter top and full width storage cabinet base

In Line series merchandiser with counter top and full width locking storage cabinet base.

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~ Custom sizes available

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Additional Information

Height 96" x

Interior Width 36″, Interior Width 42″, Interior Width 48″


No Artwork – Plain, Art Panel – Offset Acrylic / Solid On Standoffs (add $175), Lighted Art Panel – Etched Acrylic On Standoffs (add $225)


Package A (Included), Package B ($25 Up-Charge), Package C ($50 Up-Charge)


5th Ave Elm 7966K-12, Amber Cherry 7919K-78, Asian Night 7949K-18, Biltmore Cherry 7924K-07, Black 1595-60, Cafelle 7933K-07, Designer White D354-60, Dove Grey D92-60, Fonthill Pear 10745-60, Fusion Maple 7909-60, Kensington Maple 10776-60, Satin Stainless 4830K-18, Shaker Cherry 7935k-07, Wild Cherry 7054-60, Windsor Mahogany 7039-60