In Line Free Standing Merchandiser with mid level counter top. Includes LED light behind 5" valence
In Line Free Standing rectangular sided fixture example

IFSUMB – In-Line Free Standing Undercounter Merchandiser Base – Slatwall (78″ Tall)


Sales Description:
  • The IFSUMB is a 78″ tall fixture that is a member of the IFS-Series. This model is guaranteed to have your clients attention with a laminated slatwall back panel system both above and below the laminated countertop and the integrated LED product display light kit.
  • Products in the IFS-Series give the client a 1 on 1 experience with it’s clean, professional presentation. The rectangular sidewalls accentuate the 5″ front valence and makes for-sale items stand out.
  • All IFSUMB models include a FREE standard hardware package including hooks & baskets for displaying items. Upgrading a hardware package will include shelves and extra baskets.

    (2) 78″ x 18″ x 3/4″ Straight Sidewalls
    (1) Fully Enclosed Top with 5″ Valance
    (1) LED Product Display Light
    (1) 1/2 Height Slatwall Above Counter with Plywood Frame
    (1) Full Width Under-Counter Merchandising Slatwall
    (1) Laminated Mid-Height Counter Top
    (4) Adjustable Leveling Feet
    (1) Hardware Package (See Item for Details)
Width Options:36, 42, 48 (Add 1½” for exterior dimensions)

PKG A3642-8096
PKG B3642-8096
PKG C3642-8096
PKG A48-8096
PKG B48-8096
PKG C48-8096
Offset Acrylic Art Panel

Not listed below:
Lighted Etched Acrylic Art Panel (Available upon request – quote required)



Product Description

In-Line Free Standing Merchandiser Series

  • The IFSUMB, in-line free standing undercounter merchandiser base, a 78" tall fixture, provides a 1 on 1 personal experience with your client. Therefore, immerse your clients into the exciting concept of a Micro Market as they walk past your progressive presentation of healthy snacks and other for-sale merchandise.
  • What better way to spice up your Merchandiser than to incorporate an integrated built-in LED product display light kit that will have your products looking irresistible! This light is kept hidden and all plugs and cables are positioned to be out of your clients line of sight.
  • This product includes a FREE hardware package with accessories such as hooks and baskets. As a result, this will have your clients feeling like they are shopping at a grocery store.
  • In conclusion, one of the added benefits of purchasing a Micro Market Fixture from us is the opportunity to select a color that fits your clients needs. So Select a color that stands out and adds value to the surrounding space!

High Quality Construction

This stand alone fixture is constructed of engineered particleboard and high pressure laminate and built complete with ¾" straight side walls, slatwall main wall and base cabinet, and has a counter top included. This micro market fixture ships fully assembled. Ask about the optional finished outside back panel, custom color combinations, special sizes and more. Though these fixtures are part of our modular design series each one is ready for customization upon request.

Hardware Packages Accessory for 36" to 42" Fixtures

PKG A3642-8096: (10) 8″ Hooks, (6) 12″w x 12″d x 8″back x 4″front Sloping Wire Baskets, (6) 12″w x 12″d x 4″h Wire Baskets
PKG B3642-8096: (10) 8″ Hooks, (6) 12″w x 12″d x 8″back x 4″front Sloping Wire Baskets, (2) Millwork Shelves with Acrylic Product Stops
PKG C3642-8096: (10) 8″ Hooks, (4) Millwork Shelves with Acrylic Product Stops

Hardware Packages Accessory for 48" Fixtures

PKG A48-8096: (12) 8″ Hooks, (4) 24″w x 12″d x 6″ back x 2″ front Sloping Wire Baskets, (8) 12″w x 12″d x 4″h Wire Baskets
PKG B48-8096: (12) 8" Hooks, (4) 24″w x 12″d x 6″ back x 2″ front Sloping Wire Baskets, (2) Millwork Shelves with Acrylic Product Stops
PKG C48-8096: (12) 8″ Hooks, (4) Millwork Shelves with Acrylic Product Stops

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Additional Information

Height 78" x

Interior Width 36″, Interior Width 42″, Interior Width 48″


Lighted Art Panel – Etched Acrylic on Standoffs (add $285), No Artwork – Plain, Art Panel – Offset Acrylic / Solid On Standoffs (add $235)


Package B ($60 Up-Charge), Package C ($140 Up-Charge), Package A (Included)


Black Pine, River Elm, Stone Wood, White Elm

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